Guy Buries Vodka Bottle Ahead Of Music Festival Then Digs It Up When It Starts

This is the most genius plan I have ever seen. And not someone on the internet is going to ruin it for all of us! I am about to do this before the next EDM show and sell shots for $15 a pop. Going to make millions! According to LadBible: There’s nothing more annoying at a festival than when you can’t take booze through into the main arena. You either have to try to sneak it in – and let’s face it, a can in each welly isn’t really going to last you for the day – or you have to accept being ripped off for pints of lager that taste like piss.  An American man named Alex, however, had another solution: bury his booze on site, weeks ahead of the festival taking place, and then dig it up once it had begun. Three weeks before Electric Zoo 2017, the New Yorker traveled to Randall’s Island, where he buried a water bottle full of vodka for consumption after the event had been set up.

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