Dog Owner Beats His Grehound To Death For Losing Money In A Dog Race

  Disturbing footage emerged online of a man from China brutally slamming his greyhound to the floor until it died. It has been reported that the man became infuriated after betting ‘a fortune’ on the race dog and then losing. Near the end of the video the man could be seen suggesting that he eat the dog after he brutally beat it to death.   Cell phone footage reveals a man from Northern China grabbing a dog by its hindlegs and viciously slamming it onto the ground.   The man could be heard shouting and screaming throughout the video.   It was in the Ziong county of the Hebei Province on December 3 when this video was recorded. He could be seen repeatedly hitting the canine onto the ground until it became lifeless and left its body in a pool of its own blood. Weibo

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